Metro South CID is working to improve traffic and freight congestion in the area. Below are some projects in the works!


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On April 15, 2022, Metro South CID was joined by DeKalb County Commissioners Larry Johnson, Ted Terry, neighborhood associations and local business leaders to announce that the conceptional design plan phase of the Constitution Road Freight Corridor Improvement Corridor project is underway.

Constitution Road Freight Corridor Operational Safety Improvement Update

The Bailey St/West Fayetteville/Constitution Rd corridor has been identified as the highest priority project for safety and operational improvements by the CID. This project will correct numerous deficiencies in the corridor, such as the five-legged intersection, roadway flooding, a lack of sidewalks and lighting, and pavement widening.

Improvements will also include signalization of the intersection of Moreland Ave/Bailey St, once sufficient justification has been provided to GDOT that signalization is warranted. This is especially important due to ongoing development in the area, which is expected to result in even higher numbers of truck traffic traversing the corridor and intersection.

Project Background:
DeKalb Approval of SPLOST match on September 28th, the DeKalb approved a $3,614,622 SPLOST to be utilized as the local match for the GTIB “Constitution Corridor Operational & Safety Project.” See attached letter from DeKalb County, click here. The county SPLOST allocation will be applied to the right-of-way and construction phases of the project. The funding for this process comes from a variety of key players to better the Conley Area. GTIB is funding $1,000,000 with $200,000 from the MSCID for the engineering and construction phases of the Project DeKalb County is allocating $3,614,622 for the right-of-way and construction phase for this exciting project.

This new project will be implementing a roundabout connecting Fleetwood Road, Fayetteville Road, Bailey Street, Woodstock Road, and Constitution Way. The road infrastructure of the roundabout will be designed and built for a truck-trailer combination up to 73 feet in length and increase the curb appeal by adding new landscaping, street lighting, and sidewalks.

The Metro South CID would like to thank commissioners Ted Terry and Larry Johnson for all their hard work and for approving the funding for this project.

For more information, click here.

To view the Public Information Open House fact sheet about the project, click here.

Public Information Open House Fact Sheet - 6.16.22

Cedar Grove Bridge

The Cedar Grove bridge over the Norfolk Southern railroad has been closed since March 27, 2020, and has created a major disruption for the trucking companies within the MSCID district, resulting in increased costs and commute times. The bridge was built in 1965 and is at the end of its useful life.

In November of 2020, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved $4.1 million for the Cedar Grove Bridge construction and the necessary improvements along the alternate route that will be temporarily used during the bridge closure. The bridge repair will be a design-build project to help construction move as efficiently as possible.

The Metro South CID board of directors, DeKalb County officials, law enforcement and business owners within the district met on Monday, March 22, to determine the next steps to continue the project’s progress. The replacement bridge is currently being designed by AECOM Engineering and DeKalb County public works director Richard Lemke roughly estimated the project will be complete in one and a half to two years, pending any potential weather delays. The County is also working with its SPLOST committee to secure the funding needed to begin repairs to the alternate route used during the bridge closure, pulling from the County’s on-call contractors to expedite the repairs once funding is approved. While these repairs are taking place, the CID has requested detour signage be placed throughout the area to better inform and direct truck drivers, as well as speed detection devices to stop unsafe traffic speeds through residential areas.

The CID has requested detour signage be placed throughout the area to better inform and direct truck drivers not as familiar with this area, and we are working to improve infrastructure and landscaping along the alternate route to better accommodate increased traffic while the bridge is being rebuilt.

Click here to view the list of road network improvements submitted to DeKalb County and a map that details the preferred alternate route for traffic based on the bridge closure.

Click here to view the letter from the Georgia Department of Transportation and a map of the detour.

Freight Cluster Plan

The Metro South CID (MSCID) Freight Cluster Plan (FCP) is being carried out as a part of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Freight Cluster Plan program. ARC’s program focuses on facilitating efficient freight movement, improving access to jobs, reducing traffic congestion, addressing changes in the freight industry, and improving safety, mobility, and access for all roadway users.

The MSCID Plan will specifically accomplish the following:

  1. Identify and program transportation improvements specific to freight.
  2. Promote efficient transportation solutions.
  3. Identify land uses and target industries that support compatible future growth and development.
  4. Engage the private sector and surrounding community.
  5. Promote economic development.

For more information, visit the Freight Cluster Plan project page.

Resurfacing and Repaving

With plans to resurface several roads in the district, the CID

  • Has  completed resurfacing along Old McDonough Road
  • Has completed resurfacing on Continental Way from Bouldercrest Road to International Park Drive. Continental Way is 3,300 ft. in length and International is 1,100 ft.

In addition, the County is assessing funding options to pave the dirt section of Old McDonough from the XPO entrance to Mason-Dixon Road, including a pothole on Mason-Dixon Road that is the length of a bus and up to two feet deep.

Lane Widening and Expanding

  • Constitution Road “lane widening” with curb and gutter installations is coming soon!

Freight Congestion

  • The CID received funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission in 2019. They are currently working on additional funding to begin the study.
  • The CID is working with business owners in the Old McDonough/Transport City Drive area to resolve the truck congestion and backups that are happening when entering businesses on the westbound lane of Old McDonough.

Intersection Improvements

Bouldercrest Road Interchange Improvements – Updates March 2023


DeKalb County March 13, 2023

Preparations Continue to Reconstruct the Interchange and Work Begins on Bouldercrest Bridge over I-285 Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) contractors have provided an updated work schedule of activities and potential traffic impacts for the I-285 at Bouldercrest Road interchange Improvements project.

Project Overview: In addition to reconstructing the interchange, this $95 million project will replace the existing Bouldercrest Road bridge over I-285, and construct five new bridges and new Collector-Distributor (CD) lanes between Bouldercrest Road and I-675. This project is designed to reduce traffic delays and congestion, improve pedestrian and vehicle safety and better accommodate the growing commercial truck traffic in the area.

Construction Activities Overview: In advance of actual construction, preparatory activities are required to clear the project area of obstructions. The first phase is the removal of vegetation (trees and dense shrubs) so that the utilities relocation phase can begin. Underground and overhead utilities in the project area include DeKalb County water and sewer lines, Atlanta Gas Light, AT&T, Comcast and Georgia Power lines. Crews from each of these utilities have the responsibility for relocating their respective lines within a designated “cascade” work schedule toward the completion of all utility work. Construction crews may also simultaneously begin work in areas of the project that are not reliant on completed utility work, including bridge replacement, bridge construction and roadway construction.

Activities through the end of March, weather and on-site conditions permitting:

  • Continue removal of vegetation (trees and shrubs) along the east and west sides of the South River and along the interchange
  • Installation of erosion/stormwater runoff control measures where needed
  • Installation of temporary “driveway” from I-285 on east side of the bridge for construction vehicles to enter/exit project area
  • Bouldercrest Bridge over I-285 – Crews will begin excavating under the I-285 southbound exit ramp to begin bridge replacement work, including driving piles to shore up the bridge foundation. Barrels and barrier walls have been placed on the southbound side of the bridge for safety and pedestrian access is limited to the northbound side of the bridge only.

Traffic Impacts: On occasion, lane closures may be needed to provide safety for work crews and drivers in the area. Most of these impacts to travel will be scheduled for overnight hours, generally 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. to avoid peak commute traffic hours.

Project Details: In addition to the interchange reconstruction, bridge replacement, new bridge construction and new CD lanes, additional features of the project include:

On Bouldercrest Road, the project will extend from just south of Sugar Creek Golf Drive to just north of Continental Way

  • On I-285, the project extends from the I-675 northbound exit ramp bridge over I-285 to just west of the I-285 bridge over Sugar Creek
  • A new CD roadway system will be built along I-285 between the I-675/ I-285 interchange, providing an alternative travel route from I-675 direct to/from Bouldercrest Road
  • The existing Bouldercrest Bridge over I-285 will be replaced with a new, wider bridge with six travel lanes, sidewalks and bike lanes in both directions
  • North of the I-285 interchange, Bouldercrest Road will transition to the existing five-lane roadway north of Continental Way
  • A loop ramp, dedicated turn lanes, and traffic signal upgrades will also contribute to improved traffic flow on Bouldercrest

The $95 million project is scheduled for completion in winter 2025, pending weather, on-site conditions and the availability of required concrete and equipment quantities. (Concrete production, equipment availability, and freight logistics have recently impacted construction projects nationwide.)

  • The CID is planning for a future Bouldercrest interchange project. This project will move the westbound off-ramp to line-up with Continental Way, which will transform it into three lanes. This improvement will solve truck backup on Continental Way, where trucks sit in the through-lane when entering the PILOT lot, which blocks one lane for 3,000 feet.

Other Intersection Updates

  • The CID is planning to work with GDOT to improve the under-designed intersection rail where side roads intersect with SR 42 (Moreland Ave.).
  • In partnership with Georgia Department of Transportation, the CID is working on the Bouldercrest at 285 Interchange reconstruction. As of now, the right-of-way acquisition has been authorized and construction will begin in 2022 or 2023.