Metro South CID is working to improve traffic and freight congestion in the area. Below are some projects in the works!

Resurfacing and Repaving

With plans to resurface several roads in the district, the CID

  • Has  completed resurfacing along Old McDonough Road
  • Has completed resurfacing on Continental Way from Bouldercrest Road to International Park Drive. Continental Way is 3,300 ft. in length and International is 1,100 ft.

In addition, the County is assessing funding options to pave the dirt section of Old McDonough from the XPO entrance to Mason-Dixon Road, including a pothole on Mason-Dixon Road that is the length of a bus and up to two feet deep.

Lane Widening and Expanding

  • Constitution Road “lane widening” with curb and gutter installations is coming soon!

Freight Congestion

  • The CID received funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission in 2019. They are currently working on additional funding to begin the study.
  • The CID is working with business owners in the Old McDonough/Transport City Drive area to resolve the truck congestion and backups that are happening when entering businesses on the westbound lane of Old McDonough.

Intersection Improvements

  • The CID is planning for a future Bouldercrest interchange project. This project will move the westbound off-ramp to line-up with Continental Way, which will transform it into three lanes. This improvement will solve truck backup on Continental Way, where trucks sit in the through-lane when entering the PILOT lot, which blocks one lane for 3,000 feet.
  • The CID is planning to work with GDOT to improve the under-designed intersection rail where side roads intersect with SR 42 (Moreland Ave.).
  • In partnership with Georgia Department of Transportation, the CID is working on the Bouldercrest at 285 Interchange reconstruction. As of now, the right-of-way acquisition has been authorized and construction will begin in 2022 or 2023.