Next Meeting:

Metro South CID’s next board meeting

Date: February 8, 2023

Time: 9:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Location: 1795 Continental Way at the CID Offices on the All South campus

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes from the previous Board Meeting

Motion:  To Approve the Minutes from the previous Board Meeting held on December 14, 2022

  1. Review and Approval of the Treasurer’s Report for Previous Month(s)

Motion:  To Approve the Treasurer’s Reports for December 2022 and January 2023

  1. Zoom Meetings

Motion: To allow Board Member to attend meetings via Zoom subject to some provisions (?)

No Other Items Requiring a Vote of the Board for the Month

Roadway Maintenance & New Construction Updates

  • None

Project Planning & Design Updates

  • Cedar Grove & East Conley Bridge Closure Update – letter sent to business owners east of Moreland from Henrico to Cedar Grove Road. (see attached)
  • Constitution/Bailey Roundabout and Signal (SRTA) design work continues. Expect to begin meetings with owners for R/W acquisition in the spring 2023. Signal Permit request to be sent to the GDOT TMC (Traffic Management Center) and District 7 Traffic Operations this week
  • Continental Way Traffic & Life Safety Update – email sent to the BOC regarding potential board actions
  • Old McDonough Road Traffic & Life Safety update– meeting with plant manager and email to corporate safety officer regarding construction partnership with business owners
  • Bouldercrest/I-285 Interchange Reconstruction – Continental traffic congestion issues; pending on-site meeting with contractor CW Matthews to discuss traffic detours; meeting expected by spring 2023
  • Constitution PH I Design On-Going – truck rodeo planned in early 2023 to test-run roundabout (painted island in a parking lot). Correspondence with real estate agent development Custer at Moreland– City of Atlanta approved high density housing in 2021
  • ARC Scoping Grant Update (Thurman/Old McDonough/Cedar Grove Truck Roundabout Feasibility Study) – MSCID awarded $150k grant – ARC contract summer 2023 and advertise planning firm Fall 2023
  • Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act” (IIJA) – RR Crossing Elimination Grant; Constitution @ Norfolk Southern submitted 10/11 by DeKalb County on behalf of MSCID – $575k total with $115k CID match; grant application emailed to board; anticipate spring 2023 decision by US Dept. of Transportation
  • Constitution Rd PH II – pursuit of federal funding with DeKalb’s assistance – in progress
  • Moreland Ave Median Dead Tree Replacements – GDOT requires a full set of plans showing tree species and median locations. Trees Atlanta/DeKalb to provide CID with GDOT acceptable trees and CID to modify 2011 plan set from DeKalb to make changes. Cost to modify plan set from POND is $6200. CID will then submit plan revisions with permit to GDOT. Expect late fall 2023 for installation. Russell’s work will still include tree removals.


  • DeKalb Planning & Sustainability Dept. – new Interim Director
  • C21 Analytics (see attached)
  • Cedar Grove Postmaster letter (see attached)


  • MSCID Budget discussions
  • Code Compliance Officers continued resolution of CID Priority list (see attached memo)
  • Board Retreat 2023; date selected at board meeting
  • Remote (teleconference) legislation proposed in 2023 – been introduced to the legislature
  • Beginning in 2023, recommend hiring CPA to prepare a formalized year-end forecast and proposed budget reports and budget for the coming year reports including periodic accrual-based balance sheets & profit/loss performance-based budget performance reports

Action Items

  • Procure quotes from CPAs to prepare formal year-end forecasting and budget reports (in progress – obtaining quotes – JK)
  • POND modify 2011 median landscape plans for GDOT permit requirements for new tree installations – $6200 (see attached)
  • Council For Quality Growth Annual Membership – $750

Safety & Security Meeting

  • Officer Daniels; CID security

Presentations – 12:00

  • Bob Hastings

Any  additional New or Old Business Items for Review by the Board of Directors

Thanks to all attendees for attending today. The Chair will now entertain a Motion to Adjourn.