Metro South CID’s biggest challenge is striving to keep the area clean and beautiful. Thanks to Russell Landscaping’s help, the district’s landscaping is always in top-notch shape. Below are some active and completed beautification efforts driven by the CID.

Landscaping Efforts

Every week, Russell Landscaping mows and cleans the area to make it attractive for businesses and visitors traveling through the district. The area they cover equates to 13 football fields!

Thanks to the County and Russell Landscaping crew, the Moreland Avenue median cleanup and beautification efforts are complete.

In addition to weekly cleanup the CID in partnership with DeKalb County, have installed several signs notifying community members and visitors that cleanup is underway.

Tire Removal

The CID puts in extensive efforts to collect and recycle illegally dumped tires in the area. In September 2019, the CID collected more than 150 tires and donated them to DeKalb County for recycling.

The CID and Keep DeKalb Beautiful have removed 1,100 tires along Lancaster and Old McDonough Roads, which is equivalent to almost two African forest elephants that weigh 6,000 pounds each.

The CID is continuing the tire cleanup effort until the issue is resolved.

Cleanup Efforts

This past year, the CID has worked hard to cleanup the area and remove trash. So far they have collected 10,000 pounds of trash, 81 tires, four TV’s, five mattresses, four couches and 12 pallets. The CID is continuing this effort every day! Below are a few recent cleanup efforts.

The CID has removed unwanted graffiti through the district.

Signage Installation

The CID is working to replace all faded signs in partnership with DeKalb Roads & Drainage Department.