Metro South CID sponsors media activity for community

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This week, a news crew from FOX Business News has come to Atlanta out of their New York office to feature the logistics trucking hub of Conley, Georgia and the newly opened Roadmaster Driving School. Filming and interviews took place on Tuesday, January 25th as Metro South CID vice chair, Wayne Smith, discussed the history of this amazing logistics hub and its growth over the last 75-years, now an established industrial community around the trucking industry.

This area of Greater Atlanta, the “Crossroads of the South” has become recognized by some as one of the three most important trucking industry hubs in the country. As more investments are made in the area and new infrastructure is added through the vision and hard work of the CID “we will keep moving together as a community.”

This region once known as “Tuckers Alley” is booming. The opening of the driving school, the 20th for Roadmaster was just the angle the news channel and crew were looking for because of the attention being given to the truck driver shortage of 80,000 workers.

We hope to share clips of the coverage in the news section of our website. We also are planning for more publicity to come in the next few months.

Stay tuned.

Watch clips:

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