DeKalb SPLOST Match Approval for Ground-Breaking Roundabout

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Commissioners Larry Johnson and Ted Terry championed the effort to gain approval for a game-changing project led by the Metro South CID

Atlanta (Oct. 26, 2021) With the supply chain chaos going on across our country, attention is being given to one of the most essential trucking logistic hubs in the country, the Conley, Georgia, area. The area is getting great energy and support at this critical time of supply chain pressure through the Metro South Community Improvement District. Implying what the name denotes the “improvement district,” is working on adding infrastructure to allow the tremendous concentration of trucking companies in the Conley Area to move as quickly and effectively as possible in and out of the area. 


“While we know that this supply chain issue will take years to untangle, we are seeking solutions as quickly as possible,” according to President Larry Kaiser. On September 28, DeKalb approved a $3,614,622 SPLOST to be utilized on the “Constitution Corridor Operational & Safety” project as a local match for the State Road and Tollway Authority grant known as the Georgia Transportation Investment Bank (GTIB), which was awarded to the CID. The funding for this process comes from a variety of key players to better the Conley Area. GTIB is funding $1,000,000 and $200,000 will come from the MSCID for the engineering and construction phases of the project. DeKalb County is granting $3,614,622 for the right-of-way and construction phase for this exciting project. “This great victory has been made due in large part to the hard work of county commissioners Larry Johnson and Ted Terry. We cannot thank them enough for their generous investment of time and energy to get this through the process,” Kaiser continued. A SPLOST is a special-purpose local-option sales tax, where an optional 1% sales tax is levied by any county in Georgia to fund building public amenities like parks, schools, roads, and other public facilities. 


Kaiser also said, “a new roundabout will benefit everyone in the Conley area, harmonizing traffic with truck drivers and residents. Once completed, the roundabout, and the other associated improvements such as a signal at the Bailey Street intersection with Moreland Avenue and widening the road to 26 feet, will simultaneously increase the curb appeal by adding new landscaping, adding street lighting and sidewalks on the roadway at the roundabout intersection interchange. The new infrastructure will make an impact for years to come strengthening the Conley area.” The roundabout and road infrastructure will be designed and built for a truck-trailer combination of up to 73 feet in length. It will be equipped to handle cars and trucks for a safe and stable driving environment with large lanes and a sizable circular roadway.


 “This is a big win for the Metro South CID with the help from DeKalb County and the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank to ensure a more efficient and safer driving environment for the area,” he continued. 


The roundabout will connect Fleetwood Road, Fayetteville Road, Bailey Street, Woodstock Road, and Constitution Way. Future phases of improvement will occur from the roundabout to Bouldercrest and Constitution as other funding sources become available over the next several years. The effort will primarily help move traffic along Constitution Way.


 The MSCID continues to make great strides in improving the business climate by bringing business and local residents together for a common vision of beautification, safety and efficiency. This project is one of several infrastructure investments planned for the area that will further this initiative. While small in size, this next step is accomplishing great things to not only help the trucking companies but local residents and other business owners as well.

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