2020 in Review: A Letter from MSCID President Emory Morsberger

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As we look to close another year, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging one for many. While no one could have predicted the impact    COVID-19 would have on the area, I am proud to say the Metro South CID was able to come together and make headway on several projects that will have a lasting positive effect on the district!

The Cedar Grove bridge outage caused increased commute times and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the trucking companies in our district since its closure. In October, I gathered a working group of engineers, some of the brightest leaders from DeKalb County and Norfolk Southern to begin developing a solution. Thanks to Commissioner Larry Johnson, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved $4.1 million for the Cedar Grove bridge construction and the improvements along the alternate route. Thanks to the quick work of the CID, a months-long process is instead ready to move forward.

In the next year, the CID will also begin work on a Freight Cluster Plan to identify needed transportation improvements in the area. With the upcoming land exchange development between DeKalb County and Blackhall Studios, as well as a possible State Opportunity Zone designation underway, I believe MSCID will have an incredible year ahead!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Emory Morsberger, MSCID President

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