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Projects, in our CID parlance, are improvements in infrastructure funded entirely, mostly or partly with CID tax dollars.  

Metro South CID Area

Metro South CID Project Lists

Short to Medium Term

  1. CID Expansion Goal would be to expand and triple CID membership and revenues over next 2-3 years
  2. Master Plan Development work with Consultant to develop Master Plan for our CID.
  3. Look into Off Duty Police Hiring; DeKalb Police Captains / Officers to visit CID members and prospective members to promote CID
  4. Landscape Maintenance check and compare quotes for maintaining Moreland median and AIIP easements
  5. Signage Signs at AIIP entrances and perhaps near I 285 Freeway and Moreland; clean up, painting at these intersections
  6. Litter Pick Up Periodic litter pick ups on Old McDonough, Henrico, Koppers east of I 675
  7. Lighting & Video Signage Add -- new cost efficient lighting in desolate areas to deter litterers
  8. Traffic Light Pay for study for traffic light at Bailey & Moreland 
  9. Traffic Light Pay for study for traffic light at Conley Road & Moreland
  10. Pilot Security Camera -- Install pilot system e.g. Bonsal Road as per previous CABA project or in AIIP
  11. GDOT is taking applications for TE (Transportation Enhancement) projects due Nov 2016

Longer Term

  1. 5 Way Interchange -- Fund a study to look at Cedar Grove-Thurman-Old McDonough interchange to improve flow
  2. Cedar Grove Ramp to I 675 Construct entrance/exit ramps from Cedar Grove onto I 675 to ease truck traffic on Moreland
  3. I 285 Interchange Reconstructing the entrance and exit ramps for I 285 at Bouldercrest
    • Check DOT web site
  4. I 675 Fly Over Bridge Construct Fly Over bridge from I 675 to AIIP or to I 285
    • Check DOT web site
  5. Trailways Fund study to look at trailways and pathways in Conley
  6. Monitor SPLOST SPLOST for DeKalb delayed until 2017 or 2018 
    • Orginial SPLOST proposal included road repaving (all roads graded 30 and above) plus some funds only for CIDs
    • Some roads that were included in our area were:
      • Cedar Grove
      • AIIP
      • Thurman